Kia Sportage: Exterior overview/ Interior overview

Kia Sportage - Fifth generation (NQ5) - (2022-2024) - Owner's Manual / Your vehicle at a glance / Exterior overview/ Interior overview

Exterior overview

Front view
Front view

  1. Hood
  2. Head lamp
  3. Wheel and tire
  4. Outside rear view mirror
  5. Panoramic sunroof
  6. Front windshield wiper blades
  7. Windows
  8.  Front ultrasonic sensor
  9.  Front radar
  10. Front view camera
  11. Front fog lamp
  12. Roof rack
  13. SVM-front view camera

Rear view
Rear view

  1. Doors
  2. Fuel filler door
  3. Rear combination lamp
  4.  High mounted stop lamp
  5. Liftgate
  6. Antenna
  7. Rear view camera
  8. Rear ultrasonic sensor
  9. Rear wiper
  10. Backup lamp

Interior overview

Interior overview

  1. Inside door handle
  2. Seat position memory system
  3. Outside rearview mirror control switch
  4. Central door lock/unlock switch
  5. Power window switches (Front)
  6. Power window switches (Rear)
  7. Power window lock button
  8. Steering wheel tilt/telescopic lever
  9. Steering wheel
  10. Interior light adjustment switch
  11. ESC OFF button
  12. EPB switch
  13. Power liftgate open/close button
  14. Hood release lever
  15. Instrument panel fuse
  16. Seat
  17. Shift lever
  18. Brake pedal


     Instrument panel overview/Engine compartment

    Instrument panel overview Audio remote control button Driver's front air bag Horn Driving Assist button Instrument cluster  Light control/turn signals lever Wiper and wash

     Safety features of your vehicle

     Important safety precautions

    Safety features of your vehicle For the safety of the driver and vehicle passengers, you should become familiar with the vehicle's safety features. Important safety precautions You will find


     Tire sidewall labeling

    This information identifies and describes the fundamental characteristics of the tire and also provides the Tire Identification Number (TIN) for safety standard certification. The TIN can be used to identify the tire in case of a recall. Manufacturer or brand name Manufacturer or Br

     Operating conditions

    The ISG will operate under the following condition: The driver's seatbelt is fastened. The driver's door and hood are closed. The brake vacuum pressure is adequate. The battery sensor is activated and the battery is sufficiently charged. Outside temperature is not too low or