Kia Sportage: Instrument panel overview/Engine compartment

Kia Sportage - Fifth generation (NQ5) - (2022-2024) - Owner's Manual / Your vehicle at a glance / Instrument panel overview/Engine compartment

Instrument panel overview

Instrument panel overview

  1. Audio remote control button
  2. Driver's front air bag
  3. Horn
  4. Driving Assist button
  5. Instrument cluster
  6.  Light control/turn signals lever
  7. Wiper and washer control lever
  8. Infotainment system
  9. Hazard warning flasher switch
  10. Climate control system/ Infotainment/climate switchable controller
  11. ENGINE START/STOP button
  12. Front seat warmer and air ventilation seat button
  13. Heated steering wheel button
  14. Downhill Brake Control(DBC) button
  15. AUTO HOLD button
  16. ISG system Off button
  17. Parking Safety button
  18. Parking/View button
  19. Drive mode integrated control system
  20. Wireless smartphone charging system
  21. Center console storage box
  22. Passenger's front air bag
  23. Glove box

Engine compartment

Smartstream G2.5 GDi
Smartstream G2.5 GDi

  1. Engine coolant reservoir
  2. Brake fluid reservoir
  3. Air cleaner
  4. Engine oil filler cap
  5. Engine oil dipstick
  6. Windshield washer fluid reservoir
  7. Positive battery terminal
  8. Negative battery terminal
  9. Fuse box


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