Kia Sportage - Second generation (JEKM) (2005-2015) - Body Workshop Manual

Kia Sportage - Second generation (JEKM) (2005-2015) - Body Workshop Manual

The Kia Sportage Second Generation (JEKM) Body Workshop Manual is a comprehensive guide focused on the body-related aspects of the Sportage model produced between 2005 and 2015. This manual provides detailed information and instructions for repairing, maintaining, and servicing the body components of the vehicle.

Covering topics such as panel alignment, body frame repair, paintwork, and exterior trim, this manual offers step-by-step procedures, diagrams, and illustrations to assist technicians, mechanics, and body repair specialists in effectively addressing body-related issues. It serves as a valuable resource for ensuring proper alignment, structural integrity, and cosmetic appearance of the vehicle.


 General information

 Fundamental procedures

 Vehicle protection

1. Cover the seats before performing any procedure to keep them from getting dirty. 2. Cover all glasses, seats and mats with a heat resistant cover when welding. 3. Protect moldings, garnishes and ornaments. A word about safety 1. Wear the



Blade type Cartridge type Multi fuse BFT * Left side: Normal, Right side: Blown * The actual fuse/relay panel label may differ from equipped items. A vehicle's electrical system is protected from electrical overload damage by f

 Seat belt - Driver's 3-point system with emergency locking retractor

The following explains how to fasten and adjust the driver's seat belt. Fastening the your seat belt: Pull it out of the retractor and insert the metal tab (1) into the buckle (2). There will be an audible "click" when th