Kia Sportage: Storage compartment

Kia Sportage - Fifth generation (NQ5) - (2022-2024) - Owner's Manual / Features of your vehicle / Storage compartment

Center console storage

These compartments can be used to store small items required by the driver or passengers.

  • To avoid possible theft, do not leave valuables in the storage compartment.
  • Always keep the storage compartment covers closed while driving. Do not attempt to place so many items in the storage compartment that the storage compartment cover cannot close securely.


Flammable materials

Do not store glasses, portable battery, canned beverage, spray can, propane cylinder, cosmetic tube or other flammable/explosive materials in the vehicle. These items may catch fire and/ or explode if the vehicle is exposed to hot temperatures for extended periods.

Center console storage

Center console storage

To open the center console storage:

  • Pull up the lever.

Glove box

Glove box

To open the glove box:

  • Push the lever and the glove box will automatically open.

Close the glove box after use.


Glove box

To reduce the risk of injury in an accident or sudden stop, always keep the glove box door closed while driving.

An open glove box door can cause serious injury to the passenger in an accident, even if the passenger is wearing a seat belt.


Do not keep food in the glove box for a long time.


If the temperature control switch is in the warm or hot position, warm or hot air will flow into the glove box.


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