Kia Sportage: Armed stage

Kia Sportage - Fifth generation (NQ5) - (2022-2023) - Owner's Manual / Features of your vehicle / Theft-alarm system / Armed stage

Theft-alarm system

This system is designed to provide protection from unauthorized entry into the vehicle.

This system is operated in three stages:

  1. Armed stage
  2. Theft-alarm stage
  3. Disarmed stage

Theft-alarm system

If triggered, the system provides an audible alarm with blinking of the hazard warning lights.


Do not attempt to alter this system or add other devices to it.

Armed stage

Using the smart key

Park the vehicle and stop the engine.

Arm the system as described below.

  1. Turn off the engine.
  2.  Make sure that all doors, the hood and liftgate are closed and latched.
  3.  Lock the doors by pressing the button of the front outside door handle with the smart key in your possession.

    After completion of the steps above, the hazard warning lights will operate once to indicate that the system is armed. If any door (or liftgate) or hood remains open, the hazard warning lights and the chime will not operate and the theft-alarm will not arm. If all doors and liftgate and hood are closed after the lock button is pressed, the hazard warning lights blink once. The system can also be armed by locking the doors with the key from the front doors; however, the hazard warning lights will not blink using this method.

  4. Lock the doors by pressing the lock button on the smart key. After completion of the steps above, the hazard warning lights will operate once to indicate that the system is armed.


The theft-alarm system can be deactivated by an authorized Kia dealer.

If you want this feature, consult an authorized Kia dealer.


Do not arm the system until all passengers have left the vehicle. If the system is armed while a passenger(s) remains in the vehicle, the alarm may be activated when the remaining passenger(s) leaves the vehicle. If any door (or liftgate) or hood is opened within 30 seconds after the system enters the armed stage, the system will be disarmed to prevent unnecessary alarm.


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