Kia Sportage: Back View Camera System

Kia Sportage Third generation (SL) - (2011-2016) - Service and Repair Manual / Body Electrical System / Back View Camera System

Components and Components Location

 Component Location

  1. Back view camera
  2. ECM mirror

Schematic Diagrams

 Circuit Diagram

Back view camera connector Back view camera connector

  1. Power
  2. Video (+)
  3. Ground
  4. Video (-)

Description and Operation


Back view camera will activate when the backup light is ON with the ignition switch ON and the shift lever in the R position.

This system is a supplemental system that shows behind the vehicle through the ECM (Reverse Display Room Mirror) mirror or the Navigation unit while backing-up.


This system is a supplementary function only. It is the responsibility of the driver or always check the inside/ outside rearview mirror and the area behind the vehicle before and while backing up because there is a dead zone that can't see through the camera.

Repair procedures


1. Remove the tailgate trim in the trunk after removing the screws and clips. (Refer to the BD group - "Tailgate")

2. Remove the tailgate garnish (A) after disconnecting the connector and removing the bolts.

3. Remove the back view camera (A) after loosening the screws (2EA).

3. Remove the back view camera (A) after loosening the screws (2EA).



1. Install the back view camera.

2. Install the tailgate garnish and trim.


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