Kia Sportage: Defroster

Kia Sportage - Fifth generation (NQ5) - (2022-2024) - Owner's Manual / Features of your vehicle / Windshield defrosting and defogging / Defroster

The vehicle is equipped with a defroster for removing frost or fog from the rear window.



To prevent damage to the conductors bonded to the inside surface of the rear window, never use sharp instruments or window cleaners containing abrasives to clean the window.

If you want to defrost and defog the front windshield, refer to "Windshield defrosting and defogging"

Operating rear window defroster

The defroster heats the window to remove frost, fog and thin ice from the rear window, while the engine is on.

If there is heavy accumulation of snow on the rear window, brush it off before operating the rear defroster.

Operating rear window defroster

To activate the rear window defroster:

  • Press the rear window defroster button located in the heater control panel.

    The indicator on the rear window defroster button illuminates when the defroster is ON.

    The rear window defroster automatically turns off after approximately 20 minutes or when the ENGINE START/ STOP button is turned off.

To turn off the defroster:

  • Press the rear window defroster button again.

Outside mirror defroster (if equipped)

If your vehicle is equipped with the outside mirror defrosters, they will operate at the same time you turn on the rear window defroster.


     Defogging logic

    To reduce the possibility of fogging up the inside of the windshield, the air intake or air conditioning is controlled automatically according to certain conditions such  as or position.

     Storage compartment

    Center console storage These compartments can be used to store small items required by the driver or passengers. To avoid possible theft, do not leave valuables in the storage compartment.

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     Automatic transmission operation

    Depress the brake pedal and the unlock button when shifting. Press the unlock button when shifting. The shift lever can be shifted freely Automatic transmission operation The automatic transmission has 8 forward speeds and one reverse speed. The individual speeds are selected automat


    Blade type Cartridge type Multi fuse BFT * Left side: Normal, Right side: Blown * The actual fuse/relay panel label may differ from equipped items. A vehicle's electrical system is protected from electrical overload damage by fuses. This vehicle has 2 (or 3) fuse panels, on