Kia Sportage: Refill capacities

Refill capacities


     Kia Sportage - Fifth generation (NQ5) - (2022-2023) - Owner's Manual

    The fifth-generation Kia Sportage (NQ5) is a modern compact SUV that offers a blend of sleek design, advanced technology, a variety of engine and versatile performance. Introduced recently, it features a bold and distinctive exterior with a prominent



     Components and Components Location

     Components Location Converter housing Automatic transaxle case Rear cover Valve body cover Manual control lever Air breather hose Inhibitor switch Solenoid valve connector Repair procedures Removal 1. Remove the followi

     In case of an emergency

    If the electrical power door lock switch is not operating (e.g., dead car battery) the only way to lock the door(s) is with the mechanical key from the outside key hole. Doors without an outside key hole can be locked as follows: Open the