Kia Sportage: Safe Exit Warning operation

Kia Sportage - Fifth generation (NQ5) - (2022-2023) - Owner's Manual / Driving your vehicle / Safe Exit Warning (SEW) / Safe Exit Warning operation


Safe Exit Warning warns the following actions.

Collision warning when exiting vehicle

Collision warning when exiting vehicle

Collision warning when exiting vehicle

  1. Watch for traffic
  • The warning light on the side view mirror will blink and the warning message will appear on the cluster, and an audible warning will sound.
  • Safe Exit Warning will warn under the following circumstances:
  • Your vehicle speed: below 2 mph (3 km/h)
  •  The speed of the approaching vehicle from the rear: above 4 mph (6 km/h)


Take the following precautions when using Safe Exit Warning:

  • For your safety, change the Settings after parking the vehicle at a safe location.
  • If any other function's warning message is displayed or audible warning is generated, Safe Exit Warning warning message may not be displayed and audible warning may not be generated.
  • You may not hear the warning sound of Safe Exit Warning if the surroundings are noisy.
  • Safe Exit Warning does not operate in all situations or cannot prevent all collisions.
  • Safe Exit Warning may warn the driver late or may not warn the driver depending on driving conditions.

    Always check vehicle surroundings.

  • The driver and passengers are responsible for accidents that occurs while exiting the vehicle. Always check the surroundings before you exit the vehicle.
  • Safe Exit Warning does not operate if there is a problem with Blind-Spot Collision Warning or Blind-Spot Collision- Avoidance Assist:
  • The warning message of Bind Spot Collision Warning or Blind Spot Collision- Avoidance Assist is appeared.
  •  Blind-Spot Collision Warning or Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist sensor or the sensor surroundings are polluted or covered
  •  Blind-Spot Collision Warning or Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist fails to warn passengers or falsely warn passengers


  • After the vehicle is turned off, Safe Exit Warning operates for 3 minutes, but turns off immediately if the doors are locked.
  • Images or colors may be displayed differently depends on the instrument cluster specifications or theme.


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