Kia Sportage: Safe Exit Warning (SEW)

Kia Sportage - Fifth generation (NQ5) - (2022-2024) - Owner's Manual / Driving your vehicle / Safe Exit Warning (SEW)


 Safe Exit Warning settings

After the vehicle stops, when an approaching vehicle from the rear area is detected as soon as a passenger opens a door, Safe Exit Warning will warn the driver with a warning message and an audible warning to help prevent a collision. CAUT

 Safe Exit Warning operation

Warning Safe Exit Warning warns the following actions. Collision warning when exiting vehicle Watch for traffic The warning light on the side view mirror will blink and the warning message will appear on the cluster, and an

 Safe Exit Warning malfunction and limitations

Safe Exit Warning malfunction A: Check Blind-Spot Safety system When Safe Exit Warning is not working properly, the warning message will appear on the cluster, and the master warning light ( ) will appear on the cluster. Have Safe Exit


 Components and Components Location | Description and Operation

 Components Hands free call switch Mic Front left speaker Front right speaker Audio head unit (hands free control) There is no hands free jack. This system supports ’luetooth (wireless system). Descripti

 Inspection - Repair procedures

Connecting Rod 1. Check the connecting rod end play. Using a feeler gauge, measure the end play while moving the connecting rod back and forth. End play: Standard : 0.10 ~ 0.25mm (0.0039 ~ 0.0098in.) Limit: 0.35mm (0.0138in.) If out-of