Kia Sportage: Snowy or icy conditions

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Severe weather conditions in the winter result in greater wear and other problems.

To minimize the problems of winter driving, you should follow these suggestions:

Snowy or icy conditions

To drive your vehicle in deep snow, it may be necessary to use snow tires or to install tire chains on your tires.

If snow tires are needed, it is necessary to select tires equivalent in size and type of the original equipment tires. Failure to do so may adversely affect the safety and handling of your vehicle. Furthermore, speeding, rapid acceleration, sudden brake applications, and sharp turns are potentially very hazardous practices.

During deceleration, use vehicle braking to the fullest extent. Sudden brake applications on snowy or icy roads may cause skids to occur. You need to keep sufficient distance between the vehicle in operation in front of your vehicle. Also, apply the brake gently. It should be noted that installing tire chains on the tire will provide a greater driving force, but will not prevent side skids.

Tire chains are not legal in all states.

Check state laws before fitting tire chains.

Snow tires

If you mount snow tires on your vehicle, make sure they are radial tires of the same size and load range as the original tires. Mount snow tires on all four wheels to balance your vehicle's handling in all weather conditions. Keep in mind that the traction provided by snow tires on dry roads may not be as high as your vehicle's original equipment tires. You should drive cautiously even when the roads are clear. Check with the tire dealer for maximum speed recommendations.

Do not install studded tires without first checking local, state and municipal regulations for possible restrictions against their use.


Snow tire size

Snow tires should be equivalent in size and type to the vehicle's standard tires.

Otherwise, the safety and handling of your vehicle may be adversely affected.


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