Kia Sportage: Air ventilation seat

Kia Sportage - Fifth generation (NQ5) - (2022-2024) - Owner's Manual / Features of your vehicle / Interior features / Air ventilation seat

Air ventilation seat

The temperature setting of the seat changes according to the levers position.

  • To ventilate your seat cushion, push the levers.

    Each time you push the levers, the airflow will change as follows:

The seat warmer (with air ventilation) defaults to the OFF position whenever the ENGINE START/STOP button is turned on.


This function is designed to automatically change the temperature setting of the seat (High -> Low) to maintain maximum comfort inside in case the engine is stopped by ISG (Idle Stop and Go) system (if equipped).


Seat damage

  • When cleaning the seats, do not use an organic solvent such as paint thinner, benzene, alcohol and gasoline.

    Doing so may damage the air ventilation seat.

  • Do not place heavy or sharp objects on the seat. Those things may damage the air ventilation seat.
  • Be careful not to spill liquid such as water or beverages on the seat. If you spill some liquid, wipe the seat with a dry towel. Before using the air ventilation seat, dry the seat completely

Sun visor

Use the sun visor to shield direct light through the front or side windows.

Sun visor

The actual sun visor lamp in the vehicle may differ from the illustration.

  • To use the sun visor, pull it downward.
  • To use the sun visor for the side window, pull it downward, unsnap it from the bracket (1) and swing it to the side (2).
  • To use the vanity mirror, pull down the visor and slide the mirror cover (4). Adjust the sun visor extension forward or backward (3). The ticket holder (5) is provided for holding a tollgate ticket.


For your safety, do not block your view when using the sun visor.


Do not put several tickets in the ticket holder at one time. This could cause damage to the ticket holder.


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