Kia Sportage: Blade replacement

Kia Sportage - Fifth generation (NQ5) - (2022-2024) - Owner's Manual / Maintenance / Wiper blades / Blade replacement

When the wipers no longer clean adequately, the blades may be worn or cracked, and require replacement.


To prevent damage to the wiper arms or other components, do not attempt to move the wipers manually.


The use of a non-specified wiper blade could result in wiper malfunction and failure.

Front wiper blade replacement

Front wiper blade replacement

For your convenience and to prevent hood paint damage, you must move the windshield wiper blades to the service position as follows.

After turning off the engine, move the wiper switch to the single wiping (MIST) position within 20 seconds and hold the switch more than 2 seconds until the wiper blade is in the fully up position.


Wiper arms

  • Do not allow the wiper arm to fall against the windshield, since it may chip or crack the windshield.
  • Do not pull the wiper arm forward, since arm could chip hood paint.

Type A (if equipped)

  1. Raise the wiper arm.
  2. Lift up the wiper blade clip. Then pull down the blade assembly and remove it.

Wiper arms

  1. Install the new blade assembly.

Wiper arms

  1. Make sure that both blade assemblies are installed firmly by trying to pull it slightly.
  2. Return the wiper arm onto the windshield.
  3. Turn ignition to the ON position and wiper arms will return to the normal operating position.

Type B (if equipped)

  1. Raise the wiper arm and turn the wiper blade assembly to expose the plastic locking clip.

Type B (if equipped)

  1. Compress the clip and slide the blade assembly downward.

Type B (if equipped)

  1. Lift it off the arm.
  2. Install the blade assembly in the reverse order of removal.


     Rear wiper blade replacement

    Within 20 seconds after the vehicle ignition is OFF, move the wiper lever to MIST position for over 2 seconds until the wiper moves down to the bottom middle part. Raise the wiper arm and pull out the wiper blade assembly.


     For best battery service

    Keep the battery securely mounted. Keep the battery top clean and dry. Keep the terminals and connections clean, tight, and coated with petroleum jelly or terminal grease. Rinse any spilled electrolyte from the battery immediately


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