Kia Sportage: Operating door locks from inside the vehicle

Kia Sportage - Fifth generation (NQ5) - (2022-2024) - Owner's Manual / Features of your vehicle / Door locks / Operating door locks from inside the vehicle

You can operate door locks with the door lock handle or central door lock switch.

With the door handle

  • Front door

If the inner door handle is pulled when the door is locked, the door will unlock and open.

  • Rear door

If the inner door handle is pulled once when the door is locked, the door will unlock.

If the inner door handle is pulled once more, the door will open.

Door lock malfunction

If a power door lock ever fails to function while you are in the vehicle, try one or more of the following techniques to exit:

  • Operate the door unlock feature repeatedly (both electronic and manual) while simultaneously pulling on the door handle.
  • Operate the other door locks and handles, front and rear.
  • Lower a front window and use the key to unlock the door from outside.
  • Move to the cargo area and open the liftgate.


Do not pull the inner door handle of driver's (or passenger's) door while the vehicle is moving.

With central door lock switch

Driver side
Driver side

Passenger side
Passenger side

  1. Door Lock
  2.  Door Unlock
  3. Doors indicating light

Operate by pressing the central door lock switch.

  • To lock all vehicle doors, press the central door lock switch (1) of driver and passenger side.
  • To unlock all vehicle doors, press central door unlock switch (2) of driver and passenger side.

When all vehicle doors are locked, the indicating lights (3) on the driver's door and passenger's door will turn on. If any door is unlocked, it would go off.

If the key is in the ignition switch (or if the smart key is in the vehicle) and any door is opened, the doors will not lock even though the central door lock switch is pressed.



  • The doors should always be fully closed and locked while the vehicle is in motion to prevent accidental opening of the door. Locked doors will also discourage potential intruders when the vehicle stops or slows down.
  • Be careful when opening doors and watch for vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles or pedestrians approaching the vehicle in the path of the door. Opening a door when something is approaching can cause damage or injury.


Unlocked vehi

Leaving your vehicle unlocked can invite theft or possible harm to you or others from someone hiding in your vehicle while you are gone. Always remove the ignition key, engage the parking brake, close all windows and lock all doors when leaving your vehicle unattended.


Unattended children/animals

Never leave children or animals unattended in your vehicle. An enclosed vehicle can become extremely hot, causing death or severe injury to unattended children or animals who cannot escape the vehicle.

Door lock/unlock features

The vehicle is equipped with door lock/ unlock features for the safety and convenience of passengers.

Impact sensing door unlock system

All doors will automatically unlock when an impact causes the air bags to deploy.

Speed sensing door lock system

All doors will automatically lock after the vehicle speed exceeds 10 mph (15 km/ h).

You can activate or deactivate the auto door lock/unlock features in the vehicle.

Refer to "User settings mode"


     Child-protector rear door lock

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     In case of an emergency

    If the electrical power door lock switch is not operating (e.g., dead car battery) the only way to lock the door(s) is with the mechanical key from the outside key hole. Doors without an outside key hole can be locked as follows: Open the

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