Kia Sportage: Child-protector rear door lock

Kia Sportage - Fifth generation (NQ5) - (2022-2024) - Owner's Manual / Features of your vehicle / Door locks / Child-protector rear door lock

The child safety lock is provided to help prevent children from accidentally opening the rear doors from inside the vehicle.

Child-protector rear door lock

The rear door safety locks should be used whenever children are in the vehicle.

The child safety lock is located on the edge of each rear door. When the child safety lock is in the lock position (1), the rear door will not open if the inner door handle is pulled.

To lock the child safety lock, insert a key (or screwdriver) into the hole and turn it to the lock position.

To allow a rear door to be opened from inside the vehicle, unlock the child safety lock.

To open the rear door, pull the outside door handle (2).


Rear door locks

If children accidentally open the rear doors while the vehicle is in motion, they could fall out and be severely injured or killed. To prevent children from opening the rear doors from the inside, the rear door safety locks should be used whenever children are in the vehicle.


  • The system does not detect every obstacle approaching the vehicle exit.
  • The driver and passenger are responsible for the accident occurred while exiting the vehicle. Always check the surrounding before you exit the vehicle.


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