Kia Sportage: Operating rear window wiper and washer switch

Kia Sportage - Fifth generation (NQ5) - (2022-2023) - Owner's Manual / Features of your vehicle / Wipers and washers / Operating rear window wiper and washer switch

The rear window wiper and washer switch is located at the end of the wiper and washer switch lever.

  • Turn the switch to the desired position to operate the rear wiper and washer.

Operating rear window wiper and washer switch

  • HI - Normal wiper operation
  • LO - Intermittent wiper operation
  • OFF - Wiper is not in operation

Push the lever away from you to spray rear washer fluid and to run the rear wipers several times.

Operating rear window wiper and washer switch

The spray and wiper operation will continue until you release the lever.

When the front wiper is activated and the gear is switched to R (Reverse) position, the rear wiper will be activated once to provide better visibility.

Heated washer nozzle (if equipped)

The heated washer nozzle function defreezes the washer nozzles in freezing weather.

The heated washer nozzle will turn on and off automatically when the ignition switch or ENGINE START/STOP button is in ON position or when the engine is running in following conditions:

  • Turns ON when the outside temperature is below 41 F, and OFF when it is over 50 F.
  • The washer fluid defreezing speed may be slower when the ignition switch or ENGINE START/STOP button is in ON position, than compared to when the engine is running.
  • When the ignition switch or ENGINE START/STOP button is in ON position, after approximately 20 minutes of operation, the system will turn off automatically to prevent possible battery discharge.
  • After the engine is running, the washer fluid will defrost approximately after 5 ~ 10 minutes.
  • If the engine has been started within the operating temperature, the heated nozzle remains ON even approximately after 20 minutes.


The heated washer nozzle may not function properly under following conditions:

  • The washer fluid in the washer reservoir is frozen.
  • Outside temperature sensor is malfunctioning.


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