Kia Sportage: Wipers and washers

Kia Sportage - Fifth generation (NQ5) - (2022-2024) - Owner's Manual / Features of your vehicle / Wipers and washers

The wipers and washers remove foreign substances from the windshield and rear window, helping to maintain visibility.

Wipers and washers

Wipers and washers

A: Wiper speed control

  • MIST - Single wipe
  • OFF - Off
  • INT - Intermittent wipe
  • AUTO* - Auto control wipe
  • LO - Low wiper speed
  • HI - High wiper speed

B: Intermittent control wipe time adjustment/Auto control wipe time adjustment*

C: Wash with brief wipes (Pull lever towards you)

D: Rear wiper/washer control

  • HI - Continuous wipe
  • LO - Intermittent wipe
  • OFF - Off

E: Wash with brief wipes (Rear/Push lever away from you)

*: if equipped

Windshield wipers

Operate as follows when the ignition switch or ENGINE START/STOP button is ON.

  • MIST: For a single wiping cycle, move the lever to this position and release it.

    The wipers will operate continuously if the lever is held in this position.

  • OFF: Wiper is not in operation
  • INT: Wiper operates intermittently at the same wiping intervals. Use this mode in light rain or mist. To vary the speed setting, turn the speed control knob.
  • LO: Normal wiper speed
  • HI: Fast wiper speed


If there is heavy accumulation of snow or ice on the windshield, defrost the windshield for about 10 minutes, or until the snow and/or ice is removed before using the windshield wipers to ensure proper operation. If you do not remove the snow and/or ice before using the wiper and washer, it may damage the wiper and washer system.


Do not use the washer in freezing temperatures without first warming the windshield with the defrosters; the washer solution could freeze on the windshield and obscure your vision.


 Auto control

The rain sensor (A) located on the upper end of the windshield glass senses the amount of rainfall and controls the wiping cycle for the proper interval. The more it rains, the faster the wipe

 Operating windshield washers

Move the wiper speed control switch to the OFF position. Pull the lever gently toward you to spray washer fluid on the windshield and to run the wipers 1-3 cycles. Use this function w

 Operating rear window wiper and washer switch

The rear window wiper and washer switch is located at the end of the wiper and washer switch lever. Turn the switch to the desired position to operate the rear wiper and washer. HI -


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