Kia Sportage: Assembly

Kia Sportage - Second generation (JEKM) (2005-2015) - Body Workshop Manual / General information / For best results / Assembly

Measuring dimensions before welding

When assembling a new part, assemble it according to the body dimensions given in Section 31, and start welding after checking the gaps with nearby parts.

Caution when welding

The number of welding points should be determined based on the criteria below:

Caution when spot welding

Caution when spot welding

  • The tip of the spot welding machine should be maintained to a minimum of 0.1 in (3 mm) because it greatly affects welding strength. When possible, spot welding should be done between the existing spot welded points.
  • Before and after spot welding, weld a test piece (test pin) of the same material as the body panel, and check the welding strength.

Rustproof treatment after assembly


     Rustproof treatment after assembly

    Body sealing Apply body sealer where necessary. Applying rustproof material Apply rustproofing material (wax, oil, etc.) behind welded area. Applying undercoat Apply undercoat on the body where

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    1. Place the lift blocks under the support points as shown in the illustration. 2. Raise the hoist a few inches and rock the vehicle to be sure it is firmly supported. 3. Raise the hoist to fu

     Body structure


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    Description and Operation  Description Emissions Control System consists of thee major systems. The Crankcase Emission Control System prevents blow-by gas from releasing into the atmosphere. This system recycles gas back into the intake manifold (Closed Crankcase Ventilation Type)

     Side Impact Sensor (SIS)

    Description and Operation  Description Side Impact Sensor (SIS) system consists of two P-SIS which are installed at each center of the front door module (LH and RH) and two SIS which are installed at each center pillar nearby (LH and RH). Side Pressure Sensor is also called P-SIS beca