Kia Sportage: For best results

Kia Sportage - Second generation (JEKM) (2005-2015) - Body Workshop Manual / General information / For best results



Measuring dimensions before beginning Measure the dimensions of the damaged area according to the body dimension drawings before disassembling and repairing. Adjust dimensions with body frame adjuster if deformed. Selecting cutting area Select

 Preparation of assembly

Applying spot sealer Remove paint from the surface of new parts and body to be spot welded, and apply spot sealer for rustproofing. Selecting a welding method If the thickness of the area to be welded with the panels overlapped is greater than


Measuring dimensions before welding When assembling a new part, assemble it according to the body dimensions given in Section 31, and start welding after checking the gaps with nearby parts. Caution when welding The number of welding points sho


 Components and Components Location | Instrument Cluster

 Component Location Cluster assembly Seat belt switch Vehicle speed sensor Engine coolant temperature sender Oil pressure switch Brake fluid level warning switch Parking brake switch Door switch

 Declaration of conformity

The radio frequency components (Front Radar) complies: For United States and United States territories For Canada The radio frequency components (Rear Corner Radar) complies: For United States and United States territories