Kia Sportage: General information

Kia Sportage - Second generation (JEKM) (2005-2015) - Body Workshop Manual / General information


 Fundamental procedures

 Vehicle protection

1. Cover the seats before performing any procedure to keep them from getting dirty. 2. Cover all glasses, seats and mats with a heat resistant cover when welding. 3. Protect moldings, garnishes and ornaments. A word about safety 1. Wear the

 Welding procedures

Observe the following tips when welding. 1. Wear appropriate eye protection. 2. Carefully follow the manufacturers operating instructions for the welding machine you are using. 3. Do not weld, smoke or allow open flames around volatile chemi


 Curtain air bag

Curtain air bags are located along both sides of the roof rails above the front and rear doors. * The actual air bags in the vehicle may differ from the illustration. They are designed to help protect occupants in certain side impacts and t

 Components and Components Location, Description and Operation | Repair procedures | Windshield Deicer Switch

Components and Components Location  Component Location Windshield deicer relay Windshield deicer switch Windshield deicer Deicer connector Description and Operation  Description Windshield deicer system preve