Kia Sportage: Body structure

Kia Sportage - Second generation (JEKM) (2005-2015) - Body Workshop Manual / Body structure


 Body composition

Body shell The body consists of the body shell, frame and cross members, etc, welded together. This provides safety, durability, noise protection, rustproofing and vibration proofing of the vehicle. Body service holes Body service holes are p

 High tension steel sheet used area

 Radiator support panel

Radiator support panel complete Fender apron panel Fender apron panel assembly Front side outer member assembly Cowl & Dash panel Cowl panel complete Cowl side outer panel Dash panel complete Side body panel


 Doors Lock/Unlock Control

Central Door Lock/Unlock Function 1. If the central locking/unlocking request is detected, central locking function is operated and outputs all doors lock/unlock during LockOutTime/UnlockOutTime. (Generally this value is 500 msec). And

 Mode Control Actuator

Components and Components Location  Component Location Description and Operation  Description The mode control actuator is located at the heater unit. It adjusts position of mode door by operating mode control actuator based on