Kia Sportage: Blower

Kia Sportage Third generation (SL) - (2011-2016) - Service and Repair Manual / Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning / Blower


 Blower Unit | Blower Motor

Components and Components Location  Component Location  Components Intake case (LH) Intake case (RH) Blower motor Intake door Intake actuator Mofet [Aut

 Power Mosfet | Blower Resistor | Climate Control Air Filter

Repair procedures Inspection 1. Ignition "ON". 2. Manually operate the control switch and measure the voltage of blower motor. —. Select the control switch to raise voltage until


 Occupant Detection System (ODS)

Your vehicle is equipped with an Occupant Detection System (ODS) in the front passenger's seat. The ODS is designed to detect the presence of a properly-seated front passenger and determine if the passenger's front air bag should be enabled (may inflate) or not. Only the front pass

 Components and Components Location | Rear Glass Defogger Printed Heater

 Component Location Rear glass defogger relay Rear glass defogger switch Rear glass defogger Rear Glass Defogger Printed Heater Repair procedures  Inspection CAUTION Wrap tin foil around the end of the voltmeter test lead to prevent damaging the heater line. Ap