Kia Sportage: Closing the liftgate

Kia Sportage - Fifth generation (NQ5) - (2022-2024) - Owner's Manual / Features of your vehicle / Liftgate / Closing the liftgate

Closing the liftgate

  • To close the liftgate, lower and push down the liftgate firmly. Make sure that the liftgate is securely latched.


Make sure your hands, feet and other parts of your body are safely out of the way before closing the liftgate.


Exhaust fumes

The liftgate lid should be always kept completely closed while the vehicle is in motion. If it is left open or ajar, poisonous exhaust gases may enter the car and serious illness or death may result.


Make sure nothing is near the liftgate latch and striker while closing the liftgate.

It may damage the liftgate's latch.

Emergency liftgate safety release

Your vehicle is equipped with the emergency liftgate safety release lever located on the bottom of the liftgate.

When someone is inadvertently locked in the luggage compartment.

Emergency liftgate safety release

The liftgate can be opened by doing as follows:

  1. Input the mechanical key into the hole.
  2. Push the mechanical key to the right (1).
  3. Push up the liftgate.


  • You and your passengers must be aware of the location of the Emergency Liftgate Safety Release lever in this vehicle and how to open the liftgate in case you are accidentally locked in the liftgate.
  • NEVER allow anyone to occupy the liftgate of the vehicle at any time. If the liftgate is partially or totally latched and the person is unable to get out, serious injury or death could occur due to lack of ventilation, exhaust fumes and rapid heat buildup, or because of exposure to cold weather conditions. The liftgate is also a highly dangerous location in the event of a crash because it is not a protected occupant space but is a part of the vehicle's crush zone.
  • Your vehicle should be kept locked and the Smart Key should be kept out of the reach of children. Parents should teach their children about the dangers of playing in liftgates.
  • Use the release lever for emergencies only.


No one should be allowed to occupy the cargo area of the vehicle at any time. The cargo area is a very dangerous location in the event of a crash.

Use the release lever for emergencies only. Use with extreme caution, especially while the vehicle is in motion.


Make sure there are no people or objects around the liftgate before opening or closing the liftgate. Wait until the liftgate is open fully and stopped before loading or unloading cargo from the vehicle.


Do not grasp the part supporting the liftgate (gas lifter), as this may cause serious injury.


     Power liftgate

     Opening the liftgate

    Power liftgate(if equipped ) Power liftgate open/close button Power liftgate handle switch Power liftgate close button Power liftgate open/close button NOTICE

     Closing the liftgate

    The power liftgate will close automatically by doing one of the following: When the liftgate is opened, press and hold the power liftgate open / close button. The liftgate will close automati


     Interior care

    Use the information in the following sections to maintain the interior of your vehicle. Interior general precautions Prevent chemicals such as perfume, cosmetic oil, sun cream, hand cleaner, and air freshener from contacting the interior parts because they may cause damage or discoloration.

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