Kia Sportage: Components of the Tire Mobility Kit

Kia Sportage - Fifth generation (NQ5) - (2022-2023) - Owner's Manual / What to do in an emergency / If you have a flat tire (with tire mobility kit) / Components of the Tire Mobility Kit

Components of the Tire Mobility Kit

  1. Speed-restriction label
  2. Sealant bottle and label with speed restriction
  3. Filling hose from sealant bottle to wheel
  4. Connectors and cable for the power outlet direct connection
  5. Holder for the sealant bottle
  6. Compressor
  7. ON/OFF switch
  8. Pressure gauge for displaying the tire inflation pressure
  9. Valve for reducing the tire inflation pressure

* Connectors, cable and connection hose are stored in the compressor housing.

* Strictly follow the specified sequence, otherwise the sealant may escape under high pressure.


Expired sealant

Do not use the Tire sealant after the sealant has expired (i.e. past the expiration date on the sealant container). This can increase the risk of tire failure.



  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Do not swallow.


     Using the Tire Mobility Kit

    CAUTION Detach the speed restriction label from the sealant bottle, and place it in a highly visible place inside the vehicle such as on the steering wheel to remind the driver not to drive too fast. Shake the sealant bottle. R

     Distributing the sealant

    Immediately drive approximately 4 ~ 6 miles (7 ~ 10 km or, about 10min) to evenly distribute the sealant in the tire. CAUTION Do not exceed a speed of 50 mph (80 km/h). If possible, do not fall below a speed of 12 mph (20 km/h).

     If you have a flat tire (with spare tire)


     Replacing front turn signal lamp (Bulb type)/ Replacing rear turn signal lamp, stop lamp (Bulb type)

    Replacing front turn signal lamp (Bulb type) Turn off vehicle and disconnect the negative terminal from the battery.  Remove the socket from the assembly by turning the socket counterclockwise until the tabs on the socket align

     Seat Belt Buckle Switch (BS) | Passive Occupant Detection System (PODS)

    Description and Operation  Description The SRSCM shall monitor the status of the driver and front passenger seat belt buckle. The SRSCM provides one pin each for the driver and front passenger seat belt buckle status input. The seat belt buc