Kia Sportage: Electric Power Steering

Kia Sportage Third generation (SL) - (2011-2016) - Service and Repair Manual / Steering System / Electric Power Steering


 Description and Operation | Repair procedures

 Description EPS (Electric power steering, Column assist type) system uses an electric motor to assist the steering force and it is ail engine operation independent steering system. EPS control module controls the motor operation according t

 Components and Components Location | Steering Column and Shaft

 Components Steering wheel Steering column ECU Motor Steering gear box MDPS Circuit Diagram Harness Connector  Battery Battery - B


 Road warning

When an emergency situation occurs while driving or when you park by the edge of the roadway, you must alert approaching or passing vehicles to be careful as they pass. For this, you should use the hazard warning flasher. Hazard warning flasher

 Reverse Parking Collision-Avoidance Assist settings

Reverse Parking Collision- Avoidance Assist (PCA) (if equipped) Reverse Parking Collision-Avoidance Assist may warn the driver or assist with braking to help reduce the possibility of collision with a pedestrian or an object when Reversing. D