Kia Sportage: Radiator support panel

Kia Sportage - Second generation (JEKM) (2005-2015) - Body Workshop Manual / Body structure / High tension steel sheet used area / Radiator support panel

  1. Radiator support panel complete

Fender apron panel

  1. Fender apron panel assembly
  2. Front side outer member assembly

Cowl & Dash panel

  1. Cowl panel complete
  2. Cowl side outer panel
  3. Dash panel complete

Side body panel

  1. Front inner pillar assembly
  2. Quarter inner panel assembly
  3. Side outer rear extension assembly
  4. Quarter outer panel assembly
  5. Center outer pillar assembly
  6. Pillar outer panel assembly
  7. Side assembly outer panel


     Center floor panel

    Front seat cross rear member assembly Center floor panel Side sill inner panel assembly Center floor side outer member assembly Center floor side inner member assembly Propeller shaft mounting bracket Skid plate mounting gusset Par

     Roof panel (Without sunroof)

    Roof front rail assembly Roof rear rail assembly Roof panel Roof center No.1 rail Roof center No.2 rail Roof center No.3 rail Roof panel (With sunroof) Roof front rail assembly Roof rear rail assembly Roof panel Sunroof

     Fender panel & Hood panel & Tail gate panel

    Hood panel assembly Hood hinge assembly Fender panel Tail gate panel assembly Tail gate hinge assembly Door panel Front door panel assembly Rear door panel assembly Front door hinge assembly Rear door hinge assembly


     Description and Operation

    Warning Lamp Activation Warning Lamp Behavior after Ignition On As soon as the operating voltage is applied to the SRSCM ignition input, the SRSCM activates the warning lamp for a LED lamp check. The lamp shall turn on for 6 seconds during th

     Operating precautions for catalytic converters

    WARNING Fire Do not park, idle or drive the vehicle over or near flammable objects, such as grass, vegetation, paper, leaves, etc. A hot exhaust system can ignite flammable items under your vehicle. Also, do not remove the heat sink