Kia Sportage: Fender panel & Hood panel & Tail gate panel

Kia Sportage - Second generation (JEKM) (2005-2015) - Body Workshop Manual / Body structure / High tension steel sheet used area / Fender panel & Hood panel & Tail gate panel

  1. Hood panel assembly
  2. Hood hinge assembly
  3. Fender panel
  4. Tail gate panel assembly
  5. Tail gate hinge assembly

Door panel

  1. Front door panel assembly
  2. Rear door panel assembly
  3. Front door hinge assembly
  4. Rear door hinge assembly


     Zine-galvanized steel sheet used area

     Radiator support panel

    Radiator support panel complete Fender apron panel Fender apron panel assembly Front side outer member assembly Cowl panel & Dash panel Cowl panel complete Cowl side outer panel Dash panel complete

     Side body panel

    Front inner pillar assembly Quarter inner panel assembly Side outer rear extension assembly Quarter outer panel assembly Center outer pillar assembly Pillar outer panel assembly Side assembly outer panel Center floor panel F


     Specifications, Components and Components Location | Head Lamps

    Specifications  Specifications Components and Components Location  Component Location (1) Head lamp (Low) Head lamp (High) DRL & position LED Front torn signal lamp Front fog lamp Door mirror turn

     Intake Actuator

    Components and Components Location  Component Location Description and Operation Description 1. The intake actuator is located at the blower unit. 2. It regulates the intake door by signal from control unit. 3. Pressing the intake s