Kia Sportage: Fender panel & Hood panel & Tail gate panel

Kia Sportage - Second generation (JEKM) (2005-2015) - Body Workshop Manual / Body structure / High tension steel sheet used area / Fender panel & Hood panel & Tail gate panel

  1. Hood panel assembly
  2. Hood hinge assembly
  3. Fender panel
  4. Tail gate panel assembly
  5. Tail gate hinge assembly

Door panel

  1. Front door panel assembly
  2. Rear door panel assembly
  3. Front door hinge assembly
  4. Rear door hinge assembly


     Zine-galvanized steel sheet used area

     Radiator support panel

    Radiator support panel complete Fender apron panel Fender apron panel assembly Front side outer member assembly Cowl panel & Dash panel Cowl panel complete Cowl side outer panel Dash panel complete

     Side body panel

    Front inner pillar assembly Quarter inner panel assembly Side outer rear extension assembly Quarter outer panel assembly Center outer pillar assembly Pillar outer panel assembly Side assembly outer panel Center floor panel F


     Components and Components Location | Repair procedures

     Components Location Fuel tank Fuel pump Fuel filter Fuel pressure regulator Canister Fuel tank air filter Fuel tank band Fuel tank pressure sensor (FTPS) Canister close valve (CCV) Fuel lev

     Storage compartment

    Center console storage These compartments can be used to store small items required by the driver or passengers. To avoid possible theft, do not leave valuables in the storage compartment. Always keep the storage compartment covers clos