Kia Sportage: Rear Driveshaft Assembly

Kia Sportage Third generation (SL) - (2011-2016) - Service and Repair Manual / Driveshaft and axle / Rear Driveshaft Assembly


 Components and ComponentsLocation | Repair procedures

 Component location Coupling Sub frame Assist arm Lower arm Upper arm Trailing arm Coil spring Shock absorber Stabilizer Drive shaft Differential carrier assembly  Components

 Propeller Shaft Assembly

Propeller Shaft Components and Components Location  Components Front propeller shaft Center bearing bracket Rear propeller shaft Repair procedures Replacement 1. After making a match mark on the flange yoke and transaxle comp


 Power Window Control | Key Interlock Solenoid Control

Power Window Timer Control 1. After IGN1 is On. Power Window can operate and after IGN1 Off it is possible to operate the Power window, for "PwdwTime"(30 sec +-3 sec). 2. During counting the PwdwTime"(30 sec +-3 sec), if Driver

 Components and Components Location | Power Door Lock Actuators

 Component Location Driver power window switch Assist power window switch SJB (Smart Junction Box) Door lock switch Tailgate lock actuator & switch Front door lock actuator & switch Rear door lock