Kia Sportage: Driveshaft Assembly

Kia Sportage Third generation (SL) - (2011-2016) - Service and Repair Manual / Driveshaft and axle / Driveshaft Assembly


 Components and ComponentsLocation | Repair procedures

 Components Front driveshaft (LH) Inner shaft Front driveshaft (RH) [LH] Split pin Castle nut Washer BJ assembly Clip A ’J boot band ’J boot Dynamic damper band

 Rear Axle Assembly

Rear Hub - Carrier Components and Components Location  Components (2WD) / (4WD) Hub cover Carrier assembly Hub & bearing assembly Hub mounting bolt Bushing Bushing Carrier assembly Bearing Snap ring Hub assembly



Type A / Type B The odometer Indicates the total distance that the vehicle has been driven and should be used to determine when periodic maintenance should be performed. Odometer range: 0 ~ 1,599,999 km or 999,999 miles. Distance to

 Components and Components Location | Description and Operation

 Components HECU module Front wheel speed sensor Rear wheel speed sensor Yaw rate & Lateral & Longitudinal G sensor Steering angle sensor ABS Warning lamp Parking brake EBD warning lamp ESC OF