Kia Sportage: Side body panel

Kia Sportage - Second generation (JEKM) (2005-2015) - Body Workshop Manual / Body structure / Zine-galvanized steel sheet used area / Side body panel

  1. Front inner pillar assembly
  2. Quarter inner panel assembly
  3. Side outer rear extension assembly
  4. Quarter outer panel assembly
  5. Center outer pillar assembly
  6. Pillar outer panel assembly
  7. Side assembly outer panel

Center floor panel

  1. Front seat cross rear member assembly
  2. Center floor panel
  3. Side sill inner panel assembly
  4. Center floor side outer member assembly
  5. Center floor side inner member assembly
  6. Propeller shaft mounting bracket
  7. Skid plate mounting gusset
  8. Parking brake lever reinforcement assembly
  9. Front seat cross front member assembly
  10. Center support bracket

Rear floor panel

  1. Rear floor panel
  2. Rear floor side member assembly
  3. Rear floor upper cross member assembly
  4. Rear floor lower No.3 cross member assembly
  5. Rear floor lower No.2 cross member assembly
  6. Rear floor lower No.1 cross member assembly
  7. Rear end cross member assembly


     Roof panel (Without sunroof)

    Roof front rail assembly Roof rear rail assembly Roof panel Roof center No.1 rail Roof center No.2 rail Roof center No.3 rail Roof panel (With sunroof) Roof front rail assembly Roof rear rail assembly Roof panel Sunroof

     Fender panel & Hood panel & Tail gate panel

    Hood panel assembly Hood hinge assembly Fender panel Tail gate panel assembly Tail gate hinge assembly Door panel Front door panel assembly Rear door panel assembly Front door hinge assembly Rear door hinge assembly

     Replacing body panels

    Replacing body panels Codes for disassembling and assembling body panels


     Windshield Glass

    Components and Components Location  Components Windshield side molding Windshield glass Repair procedures  Replacement Removal CAUTION Put on gloves to protect your hands. Use seat covers to avoid damaging any surface


    Towing service If emergency towing is necessary, have it done by authorized Kia dealer or a commercial tow-truck service. Proper lifting and towing procedures are necessary to prevent damage to the vehicle. The use of wheel dollies (1) or fl