Kia Sportage: Replacing body panels

Kia Sportage - Second generation (JEKM) (2005-2015) - Body Workshop Manual / Replacing body panels

Replacing body panels

Codes for disassembling and assembling body panels

Notes when welding body


 Notes when welding body

 Disassembling spot welded area

Most body parts are spot welded. In order to disassemble the damaged area, it is best to disassemble the spot welded area from the body frame using a spot cutter or candle type edge drill bit. Do

 Spot welding

1. Commercial spot welding machines do not perform as well as the machines used in the manufacturing process. When spot welding, increase the number of spot welds by 30% (1.3 times the original num


 Leading Vehicle Departure Alert

A: Driver Assistance Driver Attention Warning Leading Vehicle Departure Alert Leading Vehicle Departure Alert: The function will inform the driver when the front vehicle departs from a stop. Warning Timing A: Driver Assistance Warning Timing Standard Late With

 Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system

The Electronic Stability Control (ESC) is designed to stabilize the vehicle during cornering maneuvers. ESC applies the brakes on individual wheels and intervenes with the vehicle management system to stabilize the vehicle. ESC will not prevent accidents. Excessive speed in turns, abru