Kia Sportage: SS-B Solenoid Valve (ON/OFF)

Kia Sportage Third generation (SL) - (2011-2016) - Service and Repair Manual / Automatic Transaxle System / Automatic Transaxle Control System / SS-B Solenoid Valve (ON/OFF)

Description and Operation


SS-B solenoid valve is attached to the valve body and is an on/off solenoid valve that is used to change gears. SS-B Solenoid valve (ON/OFF) is installed at valve body.




ON/OFF Solenoid Valve (SS-A, SS-B)

Control type : Normal low type

Schematic Diagrams

Schematic Diagrams

 Circuit Diagram

Repair procedures

Repair procedures


1. Turn ignition switch OFF.

2. Disconnect the oil temperature sensor connector.

3. Measure resistance between sensor signal terminal and sensor ground terminal.

4. Check that the resistance is within the specification.



Replacing an on/off solenoid valve (SS-A, SS-B) does not requite additional hydraulic pressure adjustment; however, the hydraulic pressure will need to be adjusted after replacing the VFS solenoid valve. If replacing the VFS solenoid valve; also replace the valve body assembly. (Refer to "Valve Body" in this group)

1. Remove the battery and the battery tray. (Refer to "Charging system" in EE group.)

2. Remove the under cover (A).

Tightening torque: 19.6 ~ 24.5 N.m (2.0 ~ 2.5 kgf.m, 14.5 ~ 18.1 lb-ft)

3. Replace new gasket and the plug after draining the automatic transaxle

3. Replace new gasket and the plug after draining the automatic transaxle fluid by removing the drain plug. (Refer to "Hydraulic system (Fluid)" in this group)

4. Remove the valve body cover (A) and eyebolt (B).

Tightening torque:

(A) 13.8 ~ 14.7 N.m (1.3 ~ 1.5 kgf.m, 9.4 ~ 10.8 lb-ft)

(B) 34.3 ~ 44.1 N.m (3.5 ~ 4.5 kgf.m, 25.3 ~ 32.6 lb-ft)


Always replace the gasket of the eyebolt use new one whenever loosening eyebolt.



Remove installation bolts in the engin room first and then remove others under the vehicle.

5. Remove the bolt (3ea) after disconnecting the solenoid valve connector (B) and the oil temperature sensor connector (A).

Tightening torque: 9.8 ~ 11.8 N.m (1.0 ~ 1.2 kgf.m, 7.2 ~ 8.7 lb-ft)

6. Remove the solenoid valve (B) after removing the solenoid support (A).

6. Remove the solenoid valve (B) after removing the solenoid support (A).



1. Installation is the reverse of removal.


  • When installing, apply the ATF oil or white vaseline to the O-ring (A) not to be damaged.

  • Continue to apply liquid gasket at application points at the valve body cover with Ø2.5mm (0.0984in.) thickness.

Liquid gasket Part name : Threebond 1281B or LOCTITE FMD-546

  • Adding automatic transaxle fluid. (Refer to "Hydraulic system (Fluid)" in this group)


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