Kia Sportage: Intake And Exhaust System

Kia Sportage Third generation (SL) - (2011-2016) - Service and Repair Manual / Engine Mechanical System / Intake And Exhaust System


 Intake Manifold

Components and Components Location  Components Intake manifold assembly Electronic throttle body Intake manifold stay Intake manifold gasket Repair procedures Removal and Installation 1. Remove the engine cover. 2. Discon

 Exhaust Manifold

Components and Components Location  Components Hear protector EWGA (Electric Waste Gate Actuator) C-ring Turbo manifold module Turbocharger stay Turbo adapter gasket Turbo adapter Turbo adapter heat protector Oil drain

 Turbo Charger

Components and Components Location  Components Turbine housing Turbine inlet Turbine outlet Compressor housing Compressor inlet Compressor outlet Center housing EWGA (Electric Waste Gate Actuator) Actuator rod Repair p


 Rear Glass Defogger Switch

Repair procedures Removal 1. Disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal. 2. Remove the center fascia panel. (Refer to BE - "Audio") 3. Remove the heater and А/С controller (A) after disconnecting the connector (B). NOTE T

 Welcome system

The welcome system is a function that illuminates the surroundings or the interior when the driver approaches or exits the vehicle. Door handle lamp (if equipped) When all the doors (and liftgate) are closed and locked, the door handle lamp